Photography in Turkey

At the meeting point of Europe and Asia, you’ll find some of the world's most spectacular buildings and landscapes.


Istanbul is the ancient meeting point of empires from East and West, where the bustle of contemporary life takes place amongst the remnants of historical civilisations. In Cappadocia, by contrast, the tranquility of rural life is framed by surreal and magical landscapes.

What makes this trip special?

We’ll be visiting some truly world- class sites- places like the Hagia Sofia, the Blue mosque and the Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia. But as with all Frui trips, this is about much more than sightseeing. The focus is on fun, a sociable vibe and mastering a creative skill. Your guides and tutors will be with you the whole time to help you get beneath the skin of the country’s many cultural highlights and show you to the very best restaurants and bars!

Why Photograph Here?

This 7-day photography holiday to Istanbul and Cappadocia will no doubt see you return home with some of the most stunning photographs you have ever taken. While Istanbul offers some of the worlds best subject matter for architecture and street photography, the rural region of Cappadocia is the perfect place to hone your landscape shots. And we’ll also challenge ourselves to capture the characters of the local people we meet along the way.


As well as recapping on some photography fundamentals and introducing you to some more advanced creative techniques, Frui’s enthusiastic tutors will help you to draw out your own individual photographic style.

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