Photography holidays

Stunning locations. Inspiring tuition. Great company. Frui photography holidays come in three categories so you can find the holiday that is just right for you and your camera.

Designed to satisfy your sense of adventure, our explorer trips will get you (and your camera) out of your comfort zone and into genuinely remote destinations. Whether it's camping under the stars or living with the locals, you'll have truly rewarding experiences and come home with some great photos.

Our traveller category is all about travelling comfortably while still getting to exciting destinations. There'll be beautiful locations and authentic local experiences, but you and your camera can rely on a cold beer and a comfy bed at the end of every day.

On a relaxed trip you'll do nothing more strenuous than stroll around a hilltop village, or lift a glass to your lips. These trips are all about unwinding while you learn, and there's plenty of chance to chat over a long lunch, have a swim, or sit and soak up the sun.