Quarantine Course - Window View Drawing - live online.

Have you got a window with a view, some pens and pencils and sometime on your hands? Then why not join our window drawing group. Doesn't matter if you've never done it before. Discover the healing power of sketching and how the hours disappear! 

Perfect for beginners or those that could do with a recap of the fundamental drawing skills, this live group course will get you more confident with your drawing on whatever subjects you have to hand! With a focus on recreating the social experience of our physical workshops as closely as possible, this course will use free videoconference software for group interaction and live feedback on your photos!

How does it work?

- After booking the course, you'll receive an email explaining how to install the Zoom app on your computer (if you don't have it already!), and receive a meeting code so that you can join the online course.

- When you join the meeting, you’ll be greeted by your tutor and introduced to the rest of the group.

- You'll get some guidance on what materials to use, some live demonstrations and Constant feedback to help you with your drawing. 

- We'll then take a break send a photo of your drawing. You can send some to the tutor, who will pick out the best ones to show to the group!

What you'll learn in this 2-hour live online course.

- How to make great drawings using household materials

- Learn some top tips on how to draw landscapes using a variety of different techniques

- Get set up to do your own windowbase drawing on your own and connect with a group to share what you've made in the future.

Included in this 2-hour live online course.

- 2 hours online with one of Frui's experienced art tutors

- A specially designed PDF handout

- Be social with like minded creatives! 

Do you have a voucher for this course? Or, if you want to know more, please email courses@frui.co.uk.

24 January 2021 –  £39   £25 On-line live - 2pm

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