Lockdown Learning Art - Portrait Drawing, live online

Why not take a break and have a lot of fun learning how to draw faces!

On this practical two hour live course with a small group of like minded drawing buddies, you'll learn from our lovely Frui tutor, how to draw a portrait. This includes some of the basics such as proportion, how to measure and map out the features of a face through some fun interactive exercises. In no time at all you will be able to have a go at a self portrait yourself.

This live group course is perfect for beginners or, for those who could do with a recap of their fundamental drawing skills and gain confidence with portrait drawing.

With a focus on trying to recreate the social experience that our physical drawing workshops have in these social distanced Covid times, will use free videoconferencing software to allow group interaction and of course live feedback.

How does it work?

- After booking the course, you'll receive a confirmation email explaining how to install the Zoom app on your computer (if you don't have it already!)

- The day before the course you will receive the meeting codes so that you can join the online course at the appropriate time.

- No need for expensive art materials, any paper, sketchbook, pencils, crayons and/or pens you have to hand will be fine

- When you join the meeting, you’ll be greeted by your tutor and introduced to the rest of the group.

- You'll get some guidance on what materials to use, some live demonstrations and constant feedback to help you with your drawing. 

- Later, maybe join with another person in the group to draw each other online or, attempt a self portrait? At the end of the session you can share what you've done with the group and see what everyone else as done too. 

What you'll learn in this 2-hour live online course.

- How to make great drawings with basic materials

- Learn some top tips on how to draw faces using a variety of different techniques

- Lots of fun group exercises to have you learning while in fits of laughter!  

Included in this 2-hour live online course.

- 2 hours online with one of Frui's experienced art tutors

- Small group size

- A specially designed PDF handout

- Being sociable with like minded creatives! 

Do you have a voucher for this course? Or want to know more, please  email courses@frui.co.uk