Thames Estuary, WW2 Redsand Forts & Shipwreck Weekender 

Frui is teaming up with the Project Redsand's supply vessel for a trip to see and photograph the amazing and ghostly deserted sights in the Thames Estuary.

On this unique trip we can get closer than any other vessel and with a bespoke Frui itinerary you can expect to spend at least an  hour sailing between, through and around the amazing Redsand Towers offering some exceptional opportunities for photography.

These towers were erected to protect the Port of London, the busiest port in the world at the outbreak of WW2. The German Navy quickly sought to put a stranglehold on this route and to this end, utilised a new secret weapon – the magnetic influence mine which was detonated by the presence of a large magnetic object – such as a steel hulled ship, passing in close proximity, without having to make physical contact. In the first few months of the war, over one hundred ships were sunk in the Thames Estuary alone. On completion of the Towers in 1943 the Thames forts shot down 22 planes, 30 flying bombs, and were instrumental in the loss of one U-boat. The Towers fell into disrepair over the years and now Project Redsand, a registered charity, is working on the preservation of these magnificent pieces of marine architecture.

After shooting these and other amazing forts, shipwrecks and vast wind farms we’ll head back to the Isle of Sheppey for a de-brief, and review of some images over an early dinner at the The Ferry House Inn in Harty.

Itinerary incudes: 

On this eight plus hour adventure setting off from Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey in X-Pilot, a Kent Classic Pilot Vessel, we’ll see and sail to the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, the Grain Fort, the Knock John Fort, the Shivering Sands Towers and the Redsand Towers.


If you're not a fan of early starts you might like to stay over the night before, if so we recommend staying at the Queen Phillippa Bed and breakfast in Queenborough (

What's included

- All tuition & handouts and image review with your tutor
- Private boat trip with a Frui bespoke tour and unique access to the sights of the Thames Estuary
- Packed lunch on the boat
- Image review with tutor

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