Is it ok to come on my own?

Absolutely! In fact, most people come on their own. As soon as you arrive you’ll be greeted by the tutor/hosts for the evening, who will introduce you to some other shutterbugs and put you into teams. It’s all very relaxed, friendly and fun and about having a few drinks and meeting fellow shutterbugs.

Do I need a fancy camera?

Not at all. It’s not about the size of your camera, it’s about looking and being creative. Some winning shots from past Socials were taken on camera phones!

What if it’s raining?

It has, occasionally, been known to rain on a Photography Social. This is why we’ve devised a super fun photography themed pub quiz! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a photo nerd to know the answers, as there’s a section for everyone! Still bring your camera, though. Here’s a couple of questions: Who is the odd one out: Mike Tison, Sean Penn, Hugh Grant, Linsey Lohan, Jay Kay…? According to a recent Flickr poll, what is the most photographed landmark in the world…?

How many people come on a Photography Social?

We normally have around 50 shutterbugs on a Social.

Can I just turn up on the night?

It's better if you book in advance as Photography Socials fill up very quickly. But if you can't pay in advance, but would still like to come, email and we'll sort something out.

How long does a Social last?

All Socials start at 7pm and the winners are announced at about 10ish. But most people stay on for a few drinks until closing.

What sort of prizes are there?

We have awesome prizes, such as tickets to the Tate, day trips to Paris, photography courses, half price holidays, Champagne, archival A3 photographic prints and more!

Is it fun?

Hell yeah!

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“The instruction is highly professional, and pushes you beyond anywhere you might have been before.”