Tupper’s Tips: How to Win a Photography Competition

With a certain important annual competition coming up, here’s a few tips from Frui’s head of photography about how to pick the winning images from your collection.

1. Read the brief

Make sure your picture fits the brief or title of the category. If it’s in the wrong category otherwise it doesn’t matter how good it is as an image.

2. Check out the previous winners.

Most competitions have a certain ‘house style’. By looking at the winners from the previous years you can get an idea for the kind of thing the judges will be looking for. Do they require all the photos to be technically perfect? Do they want classically ‘pretty’ images or more gritty, thought provoking ones?

3. Get other opinions

It’s hard to see your own work objectively. Ultimately it’s your art and you should trust your own judgement, but sometimes when selecting images it’s helpful to get an outside perspective.

4. Bribe the judges

Only joking. Frui’s judges are of the utmost integrity.

Entries for the Frui Awards 2017 close on 1st November. See the previous blog post for more details.

See last year’s winners here:

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