Photography professional Simon Tupper’s Top Tips! #9


Looking for ways to improve your photography and take your skill to the next level? We asked resident Frui tutor, Simon Tupper, for his top photography tips…

1. Seasonal photography

Spring is a great time for photography, because of all the flowers and natural foliage. My top tip for photographing flowers is to shoot them in the shade or on a cloudy day. In direct sunlight the bright colours can be too much for your camera’s sensor to handle, and you end up losing the detail.

2. Respect your phone

Think of your phone camera as a serious photographic tool. Of course it can’t do everything a ‘real’ camera can do, but it’s always with you and that counts for a lot. The image quality from most new phones is enough for online use, and because of they are so connected it’s probably more likely that photos from your phone will end up being seen by others. So utilize your photo skills and put as much care into your phone pictures as you do when you’re using a proper camera.

3. Black and white

If you want to produce black and white photos, it’s best to take them in colour and convert them to black and white using software that allows you to control what shade of grey different colours will become. If your camera is set to save images as colour JPEGs, you won’t get to see them in black and white until they’re on a computer. However if you set your camera to record ‘raw’ files instead and also set it to ‘monochrome’ or ‘black and white’, the pictures will be black- and-white on the screen but still have all the colour information saved should you need it later on.

Some of Simon’s own pictures…

Simon 2


Simon 1

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