Photography professional Simon Tupper’s Top Tips! #7


Looking for ways to improve your photography and take your skill to the next level? We asked resident Frui tutor, Simon Tupper, for his top photography tips…

1. Running on empty

Don’t wait until your card is full or your battery is empty to change them, otherwise you might run out at the key moment. I’m talking from experience here! Make sure you’ve always got enough shots in hand for when something awesome occurs in front of you.

2. Background check

Photography compresses the 3D world into two dimensions. When you take a photograph, you bring the background and foreground to the same level. Because of this, the ‘background’ is way more significant in a photograph than it is when you look at that scene it in real life. Try not to neglect it when you compose your pictures.

3. Challenge yourself

Set yourself photography challenges. Sometimes it’s easier to focus when you have a specific goal and the creative possibilities are narrowed down a bit. In fact, instead of setting them yourself, why not take part in Frui’s ‘tutor’s challenges‘? Or come along to a photography social, where you can complete our live challenges with the help of a drink or two!

Some of Simon’s own pictures…

Simon 2


Simon 1

See more of Simon’s amazing photographic work by visiting

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