Gastronomy Holidays Abruzzo

Gastronomy holiday in Abruzzo, Italy

Where better to learn the secrets of Italian cooking than in the garden of Italy? On this mouth-watering holiday we shall learn to cook some quintessentially Italian dishes and feast on an array of local delicacies and sample some of Abruzzo’s famous truffles, finest wines, honeys, olive oils and cheeses.

The first half of the holiday will be spent deep in the heart of Abruzzo’s Gran Sasso National Park, a region famed for its saffron, cheeses and stunning landscape. For the second half of the holiday we'll travel to the Majella National Park, known for its bountiful supply of white and black truffles!

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and in the company of friendly and hospitable locals, we’ll not only learn the secrets of Italian cooking, but we'll also enjoy a truly authentic Abruzzese experience - there simply is no better Italian gastronomy holiday!

And, as always with Frui, our attentive guides and tutors will organise everything for you and cater for your every need. Everything from shopping trips, personal guides, excursions, restaurants, accommodation and transfers - it's like having your very own butler with you on holiday! You won't need to worry about a thing, allowing you to focus on having fun, relaxing and being creative.

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As well as our fixed dates, Frui also offer tailored gastronomy holidays experiences to individuals and groups. Please contact one of our gastronomy holidays holiday specialists by emailing

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Why you’ll love this holiday

‘The tuition was first rate, my fellow students were great fun, Italy was beautiful and the whole trip was brilliant. Frui nailed it!’

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