Our friendly, experienced and approachable tutors will teach you all the best tricks to really get to grips with the wonderful world of drawing. 

During the day, we’ll cover a range of processes that will allow you to convert what we see with our eyes into a two-dimentional image on paper.

We break drawing down into two main areas; line and tone to explain simple ways to recreate what you are looking at, and break it down into forms that make it easy for you to get to grips with.

But it’s not all work, work, work, as this is a Frui day course after all! We’ll also enjoy a lovely lunch (either your own packed lunch or something you bought from the cafe) and have a truly fun, inspiring and sociable day consisting of beautiful surroundings and jargon-free, down to earth tuition.

What should you bring?

 All the basic drawing materials are provided, however if you want to bring your own equipment please feel free. Some people might want to bring a sketch pad, otherwise lose sheets are provided by the tutors. Otherwise just bring yourselves, and a big dollop of creativity.  

Please note: It can get cold in the gallery, so please wrap up warm. 

Also, although we accept minors if they are being accompanied by an adult, we have found that 6.5 hours proves too long for them to focus for, so we advise this particular course is best suited to adults. 

A little about Frui's approach to teaching...

Frui adopts a positive teaching approach, meaning our encouraging and supportive tutors focus on what you are doing right, not wrong. Not only are our tutors all practicing artists, they are also experienced tutors who will encourage you to develop your own artistic voice and help to draw out what is individual about your work.

18 August 2018 –  £99   £30 V&A 10am - 4pm

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16 September 2018 –  £99 V&A 10am-4pm

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14 October 2018 –  £99 V&A, 10am - 4pm

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