Lewes Bonfire Festival Event

As UK’s largest and most famous Bonfire Night festivity, Lewes holds an orgy of fire and flame every 5th November. More than 30 different ‘bonfire societies’ make processions through the town’s ancient narrow streets. Each society then hold a bonfire, followed by a firework display. Vikings, cavaliers, smugglers and devils make this parade a riot of elaborate costumes, all holding flaming torches and creating a truly photographic spectacle.

Health and safety nightmare, yes! So this is not for the faint hearted. However this is world's greatest bonfire festival and sure to make some fantastic images!

**We have a few rooms booked in Lewes for the night of the 5 November, so book soon to get a place!**



  • Transport to the town has yet to be confirmed- it's possible that there will be no trains into Lewes after midday, so come as early as possible.
  • Lunch in Lewes and an introductory photography lesson
  • Afterwards we'll head out into the streets and take photographs as the atmosphere builds in the town
  • `Check in to hotels and B&Bs
  • As night falls and the parades set off, we'll be there capturing portraits and action shots
  • After that we'll head to a pre-booked restaurant for some dinner
  • Head back out to one of the society's bonfire sites to see the MASSIVE  bonfires and the burning of the huge beautifully crafted effigies. Who will it be this year?
  • Drink and enjoy atmosphere!
  • Back to our acommodation in the town


  • Late Brunch with your tutors and a review of images from the previous night
  • Train back home


  • Tuition and worksheets for the event
  • Frui's knowledge of the best areas to shoot from
  • Tickets and entry to one of the society's firework displays


As getting in or out of Lewes between around 2pm on Monday and 2am on Tuesday is likely to be impossible, we highly recommend booking accommodation in the town. We can help you do this, but it will need to be done early as rooms book up very far in advance. Thee could well be a lot of walking!


Depending on trains we will either meet in Lewes, or in Brighton and transfer to Lewes by car from there. This will be confirmed when train details for the event are released.

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